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Baby's First Year Special

We started running a couple of promotions that was intended to be only in the month of June, but it was so popular that we extended it until the end of summer. One of these promotions, "Baby's First Year Photography Special" is so popular that, not only we made it permanent, but I also decided to create this entry to explain what it is, as many people asked us what this deal is and how it works.

Having a baby, raising kids are extremely important responsibilities and parents approach this lifetime adventure and adaptation to constant change in very different ways. They also have different ideas how they should record the milestones and what those milestones should be. Baby's First Year Photography Special offers you 6 different sessions that will be completed in approximately 15 months. As mentioned before, because of the different approaches of parents, when these sessions happen would be completely left to you. We only provide a frame work and a few ideas so you can have a starting point. Scroll down to see the sessions we suggest. Baby Shower While Baby Showers are common, not all parents would prefer to have a photographer to capture the festivities and openings of presents. We do suggest to include this session because we absolutely love to capture the excitement and the anticipation of the arrival of the bundle of joy. So, our original package includes the coverage of the Baby Shower party. Usually we would spend two to three hours with you on the day of the gathering. Some couples opted to have a Gender Reveal Party Session.

Maternity Session Maternity Sessions can be simple or elaborate. Some couples would like to think ahead and prepare, others just treat it as another opportunity to have pictures taken together. Whatever your comfort level is, we can accommodate your needs and we can travel to your favorite location(*).

Newborn Session There are a couple of ways to do the newborn session. One is sometimes called "the first 48-hour session" and is typically done at the hospital the day after the birth (or the second day after the birth). These sessions are extremely short, we would be in and out within 30 minutes. This is the time when mommy and baby connect and bond with each other and we would like to respect this time. The idea behind these sessions is to capture the moment in the hospital and there would be no props involved. The other option would be to wait until mommy and baby are discharged and are back home. Then we would come in with our mobile studio and take the newborn photographs with the family. We usually respect the time the family needs to get the great shots. If the baby is too fussy and/or extra stimulated, the amount of time we spend with you (mostly waiting for the baby to be fed, to calm down, to fall asleep etc.) increases. This is all included in our scheduling/timing and pricing.

Six-Month Session Now that your baby is mobile and you have to keep following him/her everywhere while (s)he explores the world crawling and trying to stand up, we can head out to a park or a beach... Somewhere you can have some fun and where we can capture the growing baby and the happy family.

1st Birthday and Cake Smash

Maybe you would like to throw a party for your one year-old, or maybe you just want him/her to go crazy on the cake and capture that moment. Whatever you would like to do, we would be there for you. We would also include a mini family session to this day and most of our clients do have grandparents present for this day as well. You are in no way obligated to stick to the above shooting schedule. If you would like to create your own package of six sessions, we can definitely work with you! Contact us and let us know how you would like to organize your Baby's First Year Photography Package. We look forward to plan on the dates of your sessions.

(*) A travel fee may apply depending on the location's distance.

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