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Wedding Dresses and Brides

A good friend of mine, upon seeing a social media post about our current promotion, asked me if I had a gallery dedicated to wedding dresses. The answer is "no, I don't", but I love the idea so much, I decided to make this week's Friday Photography Blog on wedding dresses. All wedding dresses are beautiful by definition as they become an extension of the bride. She definitely spends a lot of time and energy on choosing a wedding dress, some of which can be quite challenging to carry on all day long. The following are some of my favorite shots (whether it is the photo of the dress or the bride wearing it) in alphabetical order. Not a lot of words this time, just the photos. I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I enjoyed digging them up from my archives for this blog entry!

Alexis' Wedding Dress in Long Beach, CA

Here is Alyse in Lake Arrowhead. You can read more about Alyse and Jeff's story and see their engagement photos here and more wedding photos here.

Alyse's Wedding Dress in Twin Peaks, CA

Here's Atanasia in Long Beach, CA. Atanasia and Grey tied the knot back in 2013. You can read their story and see more pictures here.

Atanasia's Wedding Dress in Long Beach, CA

Brier got married to Vishnu and they had two ceremonies. An intimate one in Los Angeles and the real deal in New Zealand. I had the pleasure to document their Los Angeles wedding.

Brier's Wedding Dress in Malibu, CA

Burçin in Malibu, CA... This wedding was the first wedding my wife shot with me. And it was also the start of a great friendship with this lovely couple. Burçin & Shai (with their growing family) became indispensable family friends. Followers of KHP's Friday Photography Blog have met them on several occasions, including their engagement session blog entries (Part I and Part II), as well as their wedding story.

Burçin's Wedding Dress in Malibu, CA

Cherie married Todd on the beach, in front of their gorgeous Newport Beach condo. Here is their wedding blog.

Cherie's Wedding Dress in Newport Beach, CA

Ellie and Lloyd tied the knot in Palos Verdes, CA. If you would like to see more photograph from their wedding, please click here.

Ellie's Wedding Dress in Palos Verdes, CA

Irem & Enrique had a lovely rustic wedding in Solvang, CA. Here is the story of that wonderful day.

Irem's Wedding Dress in Solvang, CA

Portofino Marina and Hotel is famous with its lobby. Here is Jenny, who married Puya back in 2014. If you would like, you can read and see more photos of their Engagement Session and Wedding Day.

Jenny's Wedding Dress in Redondo Beach, CA

Another fantastic couple who became great friends. Kealani and Chad got married on the beach at Point Dume, Malibu CA. The first time I met them, we had a "save the date"/maternity shoot. The second one was their wedding.

Kealani's Wedding Dress in Malibu, CA

Kristie is a costume designer. And I can tell you that her wedding displayed this talented woman's amazing work for all the guests. Follow the link to see more photos from this amazing Mother of All DIY Weddings!

Kristie's Wedding Dress in Torrance, CA

Kristy and Gürol got married at the gorgeous Kellogg's house in Pomona, CA.

Kristy's Wedding Dress in Pomona, CA

Maria and Ben in Glendale.

Maria's Wedding Dress in Glendale, CA

I believe Misty and Lucas' wedding was the first solo shoot for my wife Jennifer and she absolutely did an amazing job!

Misty's Wedding Dress in Long Beach, CA

Nicole and Jeff's wedding at the one and only Villa Del Sol D'Oro in Sierra Madre, CA. Here is the blog entry for their wedding day.

Nicole's Wedding Dress in Sierra Madre, CA

Rebecca is another creative one! She took her mother's wedding gown, added some material and sewed herself a wonderful fairy gown! To see more photographs from these gals' gorgeous wedding day, please click here.

Rebecca's Wedding Dress in Moorpark, CA

Sara down in Laguna Beach, CA

Sara's Wedding Dress in Laguna Beach, CA

Shira and Andy's wedding was also the start of a great relationship with us! Here is their Engagement Session photos and their wedding day story,

Shira's Wedding Dress in Los Angeles, CA

Here is another couple we just can't get enough! Stella and Kevin. You can read their wedding story and see more photos here.

Stella's Wedding Dress in Westlake Village, CA

Van Enzo got married down in Orange County.

Van's Wedding Dress in Fountain Valley, CA

Vanessa and John got married at The Mountain Mermaid in Topanga CA. Here is the story of that wonderful day.

Vanessa and her wedding dress at The Mountain Mermaid in Topanga CA.

Yesenia and Felipe tied the knot in Burbank, CA. Here is their wedding day story at Los Calamigos Equestrian Center.

Yesenia's Wedding Dress in Burbank, CA

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